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Strategies Using Which Grocery Stores Make You Spend More

| Published on March 30, 2020

How many times have you picked up exactly the same amount of things you decided to buy while going to a grocery store? Most of us end up buying so much more. It happens over a recurring period, and guess what? Your local grocery store is the one to blame!

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There are certain tactics followed by most grocery stores and departmental stores worldwide to play audiovisual tricks on individuals. The psychology involved behind this encourages the customer to buy more even if he or she does not need it. What are these strategies? We’ve listed out a few points to keep you aware of the same.

The Store Music

Studies indicate that most grocers play low tempo music to facilitate more purchases in comparison to up-tempo beats. Apparently, the former is calming to help customers take their time and browse through hundreds of shelves. Unless you have earphones on, it can be quite challenging to disregard the store music and not end up buying something unimportant.

Products Near The Checkout

Most unhealthy options are stacked near the checkout counter of a store. While playing on the psyche of the customers, grocers ensure that those items get sold easily. Since you wait in line to pay for your items, the products near checkout draw your attention to them and make you want to purchase more while waiting for your turn.

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Costly Items First

Looking to buy something affordable? Unless you can search thoroughly through every shelf, you might find it difficult to look for cheap items. Grocery stores stock products that are expensive at your eye level so that those are the first few things that you see. You will automatically be persuaded to buy them rather than what you had in mind.

The Store Setup

Grocery stores often follow the same arrangement. Essentials are stacked way behind in the back so that you have to travel through every shelf and purchase them. This is a good technique for distraction to ensure that your eyes fall on other products through your journey.

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So the next time you go to your local grocery store, you know how to play the game! Stay vigilant.

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