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Strategies Using Which Fashion Stores Make Us Spend More Money

| Published on April 7, 2020

Ever wondered how you end up spending more than what you want whenever you go shopping for clothes? Sophia Jones gives us an insight into the psychology played by most fashion outlets. She has worked as a sales associate at Tommy Hilfiger and Gap.

In an interview, she spills it all out to help customers make the right choice especially when it comes to high-end brands.

A Big ‘SALE’ Sign to Draw Attention

Don’t you often come across huge hoardings or signs with ‘SALE’ written on them? Stores do this to attract you to shop from their collection. Since that is the first thing that you see, it is bound to convince you all the more!

Use of Brand Recognition

Many fashion names have a certain ‘brand recognition’ attached to them. This can include designs, logos, fonts or even visual elements that help your customers know that it is you. Many cheaper companies try to replicate the brand recognition as most customers prefer attaining something that is ‘cheap’ but still feels like they own the big guns.

Mannequins Wearing Sets of Clothes

Every fashion outlet has a dozen mannequins that are more often than not dressed up entirely. They are made to wear sets of clothes instead of individual pieces of clothing to convince the customer to buy the entire look. It gives customers the idea of how the clothing set will look on them, in addition to tips and tricks on how to style a particular piece with another.

Objects To Slow Down Movement

Usually, outlets have hangers, tables and even dividers to slow down the movement of customers as they look around for something to buy. They want you to stand and look at something, take out enough time before you move to the next section. The more you think about something, the easier it is for them to convince you to buy.

An Associate By the Customer

Two beautiful women looking at clothing on hangers with smile while standing at the clothing store

Retail stores always have an associate or two to help customers buy something. They often urge you to try something out to see how it looks on you. Of course, if you like what you wear, why wouldn’t you buy it?

‘Sale’ section is ALWAYS close to the Trial Room

You’ll be surprised to know how the sale sections are mostly closer to the trial room. You like it, you try it! By saving you the trouble of finding the nearest trial room, they have set it all up for you. Convincing powers, am I right?

The Ambience

Good music combined with aesthetic visuals, dim lighting and of course aromatic fragrance. By creating the perfect setting to soothe your mind and soul, fashion outlets do know how to make you stay. Next time you visit, take time to identify how different stores smell and look.

‘Hug-Shaped’ Design

A so-called hug awaits you every time you go shop. There is hidden interior chemistry that determines how most customers like round and U shaped settings. Hence the arrangement is such that it appears as if everything surrounds a corner to make it more appealing.
Source: Bright Side

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