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Strategies Using Which Brands Are Marketing During Coronavirus Outbreak

| Published on April 17, 2020

If you’re thinking of marketing tactics that would associate your brand with the coronavirus pandemic, there are only two sides to it. It can go uphill for you or it can really go south, and you don’t want that.

How to Survive a Brand Quarantine During Coronavirus | Media Marketing

As long as your brand is willing to form ‘trust’ with its viewers, things will be stable for your business. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t talk about the virus, but do it in a way that will help people cope with the monotony and be hopeful of what’s to come once it ends. A number of companies have adopted these below-mentioned strategies to tackle the deadly outbreak,

  • Prices slashed off on essentials: Essentials does not only include food and household groceries but it also incorporates the new age essentials like online learning. EdTech firms are booming since most students are attending online classes. To help them with the same, firms like Byju’s, Coursera and Vedantu have waived off their fees on certain courses and memberships.
  • Addressing the Concerns of the Moment with Existing Branding: Hand sanitizer and masks are the need of the hour due to coronavirus. Hence, a number of companies have stepped up to manufacture these products to help cope with the shortage across cities in India. Some of these brands include Dabur, L’Oréal and CavinKare. Due to this, the percentage of consumer expectations have gone high as they remain happy with this new initiative and understand how brands are trying their level best to meet with the necessities.
  • Brand Collaborations: A number of cities in India have been marked as ‘coronavirus hotspots’ because of the abundant cases rising every now and then. In these crucial times, certain apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo and Dominos have teamed up with local and hygienic grocers to deliver essential items. These collaborations are being appreciated by all consumers because of the safety factor safeguarding them and the delivery executives.

  • Relief Activities: A number of companies are donating millions to help the Government handle the coronavirus uprising. Funds have been created on different platforms, urging people to donate and support the cause. The donations are not only being made via money but also meals and necessary medical equipment.

Source: The Better India

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