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Strategies From The Fashion Industry That Have Made It The Billion Dollar Industry It Is

| Published on February 4, 2022

The fashion industry thrives on innovation and branding. This fast-changing industry adopts ground-breaking strategies which can be implemented across all industries and it delivers truly artistic campaigns which inspire change, emotion and a drive to seek more. Lets delve deeper into learning a few of these strategies that have evolved the industry we see today.

Referral Marketing

User-friendly referral marketing is one of the most under-utilized marketing channel across almost all industries other than fashion and it is one which promises the highest returns. Almost every clothing store that you walk in, loyalty and referral points aid to discounts that you can avail on your next purchase. Referring a friend who actually signs up will yield you points translating in credit points and the fashion industry has been able to build a loyal customer base owing to this strategy.

Community Building Through Showcasing Your Roots

The fast-fashion industry is one which has gained the highest amount of slack when it comes to producing raw materials. As a result, when it came to brands answering all these allegations, we saw the rise of origins and the whys and hows of a garment being manufactured. This made their processes much more transparent and ethical which created a sense of resonance amongst the consumers. People started becoming more conscious of their choices and brands which promote ethical wear today, are in lieu of building a community amongst themselves.

Giving Back To The Community

Multiple brands today take up the initiative of giving back to the community not just to see to it that their corporate social responsibility metrics are ticked but out of genuine consumer interest. And this is strongly reflected in their marketing campaigns. From trying to help revive economies to delivering value to artists and artisans, the fashion industry is very active in making an attempt at building a much more conducive environment and a sustainable future.

Cause Marketing

Be it body image, self-love, taboos and stereo-types, the regressive fashion industry of olden times is breaking these norms and facilitating an atmosphere which is focused on breaking all barriers and building something which delivers purpose and supports a cause. It’s safe to say that in the evolving world, particularly after the pandemic, fashion brands have become a lot more conscious in taking a stance to support what is wrong. Social constructs are actively tried to be broken down and it’s invigorating to see this change in the fast-evolving industry.

User-Generated Content

The marketing campaigns that are being conducted by top brands ask for a lot of user-generated content and provide avenues to do so with much ease. In the world of social media where the reach is widespread, user-generated content marketing campaigns become viral and create a stir amongst the audience. It lets consumers show off their fashionable wares and also helps build a community.

The fashion industry has been revolutionizing the marketing industry with campaigns which are true, blunt and very very real. Do you agree with this too? Which are your top favorite marketing campaigns from the fashion industry?

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