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Store Fined Rs 2,500 For Charging Rs 2 More Than MRP

| Published on December 23, 2019

We all know that manufacturers write Maximum Retail Price on the packaging of every daily use product. Still, there are many shops nearby Railway Stations, Temples, or in movie theaters which charge more than MRP. Charging above MRP is illegal and the trader can be fined for this.


To bring your kind attention towards this law, let me tell you that Consumer Forum of Chandigarh has recently directed a store to pay Rs 2,500 for charging Rs 2 more than MRP on a biscuit packet from a customer. The customer stated that he purchased some goods from a store called Shail Marketing Company of Patanjali Ayurved products for Rs 118. He alleged that for a biscuit packet, he was charged Rs 12 against the MRP of Rs 10.

A lot of you may have experienced something like this and seen shops that keep freezers to preserve the products like milk, curd, or cold drinks charge more than MRP and when we ask they claim as if their right to charge as they have to spend money for the freezer.

We request our audience not to fall in such traps and be aware of your rights. There are special authorities made for such complaints, all we need is to initiate the process by telling them.

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