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This Is Why Steve Jobs Was Fired From Apple & How He Came Back To Make It The Best SmartPhone Company

| Published on February 2, 2019

It has recently come to notice that Travis Kalanick has been telling people that he is planning to do Steve Jobs-ing with his previous job. This indicates that quite like Steve Jobs returned to his previous work to save the company, even Travis is planning to implement the same strategy for his previous work, Uber as a Chief Executive.

We must make certain that Steve Jobs ‘s presence and absence has really made a difference to the Apple firm.

When Jobs was repelled from his work at Apple, he started his own venture. That startup was soon approached by Apple that was in deep need for leadership back then. It was not long then when Jobs received the approach warmly and proceeded to be the CEO of Apple when it turned into the most valuable technology company in the world.

While people rumor this to be true, we’ve figured a slightly different reality to it. Let us now find out how Jobs really got fired from his work and how he returned to save the company soon after.

The truth behind Steve Jobs ‘s removal from and return to Apple

This is when you know that it is harder than it seems when Ex-Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick states he is going to be Steve Jobs-ing.

In the year 1998, iMac was launched by Apple that took the world by a storm. It started doing an unexcelled business in the tech market and there is hardly any company that can still manage to beat it. However, it was in the year 2000 that Apple dropped Steve Jobs and continued to function without his services in it. He was now officially the CEO and the remaining is past. During this time, Steve improvised his relations with the rival, Bill Gates and brought in a new board.

Soon after in July 1997, a party sold 1.5 million Apple shares that caused Apple to lose a lot. This was when Jobs convinced Apple to hire him as their new CEO and fire Amelio who apparently was useless to the company. Thus, Spindler soon replaced Amelio. There are many strategies that Jobs can implement to get back to Apple.

This Steve Job history is longer than you know and of course endless. But we are awaiting future statements and ‘Steve Jobs-ing’ that Travis Kalanick has made us vigilant of.

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