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Startups That Are Climbing High With Vertical Gardens Business

| Published on October 10, 2018

Vertical Gardens

We all know the lack of fresh air that we experience in these so-called big cities and slowly even the smaller cities are getting engulfed in polluted air. This along with the lack of space has left very options to work towards a greener and fresher air. Having lawns and gardens are only for those few who live in bungalows and huge spaces. With more and more apartment like living and tall buildings cropping up everywhere, gardening seems more like a dream now.

But a few startups are working towards providing an effective and doable solution for this and this is how Vertical Gardens are slowly garnering popularity.

More than anything else, Vertical Gardens are the need of the hour and a solution to tackle the increasing problem of polluted air and environment. This eco-friendly solution contributes big time in reducing pollution levels and is also an eye-pleasing makeover for the walls.

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The Major Players

With flyover pillars being the first target, this initiative was started in Bangalore in 2017. Because of its effectiveness, it was soon adopted by other cities too. Many creative minds foresaw the opportunity in this field and started exploring it as a viable business. Some of the top startups that are working in this direction include:

Living Greens


Started in 2013, Living Greens is not just about making your walls beautiful with pretty plants, but they have also adopted techniques for urban farming. They are aiming at achieving a clubbed solution of bringing agriculture and planting together.

Green Drops


Started by two women Bhairavi Shevade and Supriya Nikumbh, in the year 2013, the startup specializes in vertical gardening. Both Bhairavi and Supriya are very keen on the subject of gardening and especially the vertical gardens, and hence their interest followed by a lot of research triggered the thought of establishing their company.

Bio Vertical Gardens


This Delhi based firm started working in this direction way back in 2012 and designs, manufactures, supplies installs and maintains vertical gardens all across the country. They are very well equipped with best in terms of technology too and deliver great looking vertical gardens.



Lifewall, too was an early starter and way back in 2013, the concept wasn’t really heard of, they started working towards providing these space effective garden solutions all through the country.

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