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Startups Funded By Shark Tank India Judge Namita Thapar

| Published on January 13, 2023

Shark Tank of India’s Judge  Namita Thapar says she spent 10 crores on the show.

Startups Funded By Shark Tank India Judge Namita Thapar

Angel investor Namita Thapar is from Pune. Community, Consumer Products and Lifestyle, Edu-Tech, and firms like Bummer, Skippi Ice Pops, The Renal Project, and 3 more are among the most notable investment sectors.

The executive director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Namita Thapar, spent 7 crore during the business reality show Shark Tank India and 3 crore after it ended in 25 partnerships.

“Season 1, it’s a wrap,” she remarked in a tweet. 25 Shark Tank ventures totaling $10 million were invested. To enhance my investment, I invested 7cr during the show and 3cr after it to make up for transactions I lost out on. can’t wait to collaborate with these incredible startups and aid in their growth.

The list of startups that Namita Thapar has backed is as follows:

Startups Funded By Shark Tank India Judge Namita Thapar

Brandsdaddy- Indian company Brandsdaddy was established in 2013 and produces fire extinguisher balls. Namita Thapar made a 35 lakh rupee contribution in return for a 5% ownership stake in the business and a 35 lakh rupee debt with a return of 12% interest rate.

Girgit- Girgit is a garment company that offers a variety of colored accessories, including watches, shoes, and straps. Namita Thapar gave Girgit a 20 lakh INR investment in return for a 20% stock stake.

Stage- STAGE is an OTT platform for Indian-language content that was established in 2019. In Shark Tank India season 2, STAGE obtained INR 1.5 crore in return for 0.6% equity and INR 1.5 crore in loans at 18% interest from Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, and Peyush Bansal. In this case, Namita invested 50 lakhs for 0.2% equity and 50 lakhs for the loan at an interest rate of 18%.

Very Much Indian- Online retailer Very Much Indian offers traditional and genuine sarees. In the sharks Very Much Indian made an impression on Namita and Aman, and they decided to make a deal. In return for 5% equity, Namita gave the firm INR 25 lakhs.

Hoovu Fresh- A Bengaluru-based firm called Hoovu Fresh will send you puja flowers right to your door. 2019 marked the beginning of it. On Shark Tank India season 2, Hoovu Fresh made an appearance and was given a deal by Namita and Vineeta. Namita funded Rs 20 lakhs in exchange for 2% ownership and also provided Rs 20 lakhs as debt at 12% interest.

Jhajhi Store- Online retailer JhaJi Store offers handmade achar (pickles). The startup’s pickle recipe has origins in the Bihar town of Mithilanchal. JhaJi Store received a 13 crore angel investment in January 2023 from Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, and four additional investors.

Bummer- A new company called Bummer sells cosy underwear for both genders. They strive to provide the softest and nicest cloth to consumers. The first business Namita Thapar invested in for Shark Tank India season 1 was Bummer. This company requested an investment of Rs. 75 lakhs for 4% equity. Namita Thapar was drawn to the fabric’s durability and patterns, and she decided to invest 37.5 lakhs for 3.75% of the startup’s ownership.

Skippi Ice Pops- Skippi Ice Pops offers 100% natural ice pops made with only natural sweeteners, colors, and preservatives. It is the first ice popsicle brand in India, and it is sponsored by Kabra Global Products Pvt Ltd. Another accomplishment was accomplished by Skippi Ice Pops, which was the first business to attract the interest and investment of every shark on Shark Tank India. For a 3% ownership in Skippi Pops, Namita Thapar contributed Rs. 20 lakhs.

Menstrupedia- Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul launched Menstrupedia Comic in that year. The startup’s main goal is to use its cartoons to raise and promote awareness about menstruation. The founders accepted Thapar’s offer of Rs. 50 lakhs in exchange for a 20% stock stake in Menstrupedia.

Altor- A group of recent grads launched the smart helmet business Altor. The helmet has strong impact protection as well as amenities like Bluetooth connectivity, Google Assistant, voice navigation, and many others. Namita Thapar gave Altor 25 lakhs for 3.5% of the company, drawn by the product’s cutting-edge characteristics and the creators’ most admirable concept.

Nuutjob- A intimate male hygiene enterprise called Nuutjob was founded by two siblings from Ahmedabad. It is a novel business concept that is frowned upon in India. It was praised that these two sisters turned one such idea into a company model. Namita Thapar consented to contribute 8.33 lakhs in exchange for 6.66% of the company’s stock.

Farda- Farda is a handmade denim apparel business started by Chahat Pahuja and Sanskar Mishra which is known for its fashionable streetwear. Namita proposed investing 15 lakhs for 10% of the company’s ownership to assist these fresh talents.

Auli Lifestyle- Auli Lifestyle is an Indian firm that makes and sells Ayurvedic skincare products and they sell their product in some states only. She gave her consent to invest the full amount of Rs. 75 lakhs. She offered to accept 15% equity as payment for her investment, and the founder accepted.

Thinkerbell Labs- The company Thinkerbell Labs, which was started by four college friends, produced Annie. A 10-year-old sight-challenged child served as the co-founders’ presenter on Shark Tank India. The sharks Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Peyush Bansal decided to invest $1.05 million in the firm, with Namita contributing $35 lakh for 1% ownership.

The Renal Project- With an initial seek of Rs. 1 crore, The Renal Project, a healthcare service company, entered Shark Tank India. Namita Thapar promised to invest 50 lakhs and help with company growth by using her connections in the pharmaceutical industry. She then concurred to 3% equity, which completed the transaction.

Coco Fit- A franchise company called COCOFIT sells drinks made from coconuts. Namita Thapar decided to invest 1.67% of her earnings in the firm.

Beyond Water- Beyond Water made its name as India’s first liquid enhancer. The product gives the water we consume some flavor and color to make it more enjoyable and nutritious. She was convinced by the business model of Beyond Water, thus she contributed 37.5 lakhs for 7.5% of the firm.

Find Your Kicks India- It is the only company that has got “All Shark Deal” in the show. Even though Namita Thapar’s company has nothing to do with footwear, she was visibly enthused during the presentation. With the “All Sharks Deal” struck at $500,000, Thapar invested her $10 lakh for 5% equity.

AAS Vidyalay- An EdTech firm called AAS Vidyalaya was established to promote rural education. For the comfort of rural students, the creators built it as an “Anywhere Anytime” online school while also adhering to NCERT standards. They had such a clear vision for the business that Namita Thapar decided to spend 50 lakhs for a 5% share in it.

Brainwired- Brainwired created the incredible WeSTOCK gadget to track the health of animals. She agreed to contribute 15 lakhs for 2.5% equity, and Aman, Peyush, and Ashneer Grover also made the same offer.

InACan- The founders and the sharks came to terms on a 1 crore agreement in exchange for 10% of the business. A 2% ownership share in the firm was acquired for INR 20 lakhs from Namita Thapar.

Sunfox Technologies- Namita contributed INR 20 lakhs and received INR 1.2% stock in return for Sunfox Technologies’ INR 1 crore, 6% equity agreement with five sharks.

Rare Planet- Thapar gave the whole amount requested by Rare Planet—65 lakhs—in exchange for a 3% stock stake in the business.

Watt Technovations- In exchange for 4% equity (1% equity each), Namita Thapar agreed to pay him the desired sum of 101 (25 each from Ghazal, Anupam Mittal, and Namita, and 26 from Peyush ).

Wakao Foods- Namita Thapar committed 25 lakhs in Wakao Foods to 7% stock because of the owner’s certainty and confidence in the company, as well as the product’s quality.

kabaddi Adda- After meeting the founders, Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh were motivated to spend 40 lakhs each. They agreed on 6% equity, with a 3% share allocated to each shark.

Your Foot Doctor- A 25% interest in Color Me Mad (Your Foot Doctor) was purchased by Namita Thapar for 40 lakhs.

Nomad Food Project- Namita Thapar invested 10 lakhs for 5% of the company’s ownership.

Tag Z Foods- The firm claims that because they employ a popping technique rather than frying or baking the potatoes, their goods have 50% less fat. She hasn’t specified how much she invested, though.

Sneakare- For 4% ownership, Namita Thapar contributed INR 7 lakh to Sneakare.

Store My Goods- On Shark Tank India, the entrepreneurs presented their company to the sharks Namita Thapar and Peyush Bansal. Namita invested Rs. 25 lakhs for 2% ownership and another Rs. 25 lakhs as debt at 12% interest if and when necessary in a joint venture.

Wind Up

Namita Thapar is a very cheerful, upbeat, and astute investor who makes investments in a variety of commercial sectors. Even though she has a background in pharmaceuticals, she supports and invests in a variety of different firms in addition to startups in the health sector. We may hope to see more of Thapar’s future investments in new businesses because of her love, enthusiasm, and support for them.

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