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StartUp Yourfeed Looks Forward To Become LinkedIn For Millenials

| Published on July 15, 2017

No matter LinkedIn dominates the online job searching market with 20 million users but it also comes with a lot of drawbacks. According to 23 years old entrepreneur, Jack Parsons, Yourfeed exactly tries to solve those problems in market.

According to research, LinkedIn is basically used by masses above the age of 30 and mostly looks for experienced individuals. A whopping 71% of LinkedIn users are above the age of 35, while the average user age is 42. But Yourfeed actually hits the younger mass trying to help them in the online job market.

Yourfeed already has 200 brand partners including Facebook, Twitter, Google and Havas Media and many more. It helps to recognize the talents of young individuals and connect them with the business around! Users can request mentorship advice from any of these 200 partners and users will be updated with jobs according to one’s skills and interests.

It’s personal advisory board includes Lynn Gilliam, managing director of BNY Mellon, Craig Fenton, director of Google UK, and Paul Frampton, CEO of the Havas Media Group. They already have 1000 members and is looking forward to have 20% of UK population signed up.


Who Said What?

Jack Parsons, CEO, said,

“Let’s say there’s a guy called Tom, who is 22 and a talented developer. At the moment, he will be ignored when Facebook is headhunting for young developers because he doesn’t have Google on his CV. The idea for Yourfeed is to link up brands like Facebook to people like Tom, who are being ignored purely based on experience and not because of their skillset.”

They are also starting a campaign ‘The Pledge Tour’. The team will tour 90 venues in 90 days to share inspiration, present skills workshops, hackathons and get people to sign up. they have also partnered with several universities and colleges.

According to Jack Parsons, Ceo of Yourfeed, Yourfeed will soon give tough competition to linkedIn. We will ahve to wait to see what better can it offer to attract the mass!

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