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Startup Fetches $1.75 Million By Teaching West How To Use An Indian Toilet

| Published on January 24, 2021

As more and more Indians try to adopt the ways and mannerisms of the West, it seems that the latter is being taught how to adopt the Indian style, and is earning millions by doing the same! How you ask? This startup in the USA just earned revenue worth $1.75 million by teaching people how to squat and do their business, in the Indian toilet style!

Based in Utah, the startup Squatty Potty’s founder had a brief meet with death which led to the innovation of squatting tools to help people evacuate better. This was launched in the year 2011 where they started selling these stools for between $24.99 to $89.99. Rather than sitting on a toiler, squatting seemed to be a better option for those who often found themselves constipated.

How did Squatty Potty gain funding?

Their big break came by in 2014 when the founders appeared on Shark Tank and gained funding of $350,000. Within 24 hours, they were able to sell $1 million worth of units.

In the first year, more than 2000 stools were shipped to China clocking $1 million in sales. By 2017, Squatty Potty was able to sell 4 million pieces of stools all over the USA and 5 million stools globally by May 2020. Yes, they were able to manage sales even during the lockdown!

Where did the Indian Squatting style originate?

The Indian toilets date back to nearly 8000 years ago during the Harappan civilization where drainage systems were set up quite advantageously. There was a wet drainage system in every house where evacuation was done by squatting on the toiler space. The waste was taken from the houses to the exterior regions via the well-built drainage system. This method was further opted for another 1000 years before people made the switch to the Western toiler.

Do you prefer the Indian toiler or are more comfortable using the Western-styled ones?

Source: The Better India

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