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Started With Just Rs. 25 Lakh, MamaEarth Is Now A Rs 100 Crore Business

| Published on December 17, 2019

When a celebrity mom endorses a product, it becomes imperative for consumers to trust the brand.

When the harmful ingredients used in baby products caused Nancy Kaibbi of America to suffer from cancer. This news had given sleepless nights to parents who blindly relied on products used for children.

MamaEarth Commenced

Due to incidence like these, Varun Alagh and Ghazal Alagh of Delhi spent numerous sleepless nights to find a safe and reliable product for her child. To fill this gap, the pair launched Asia‘s first Madesafe certified brand called MamaEarth which offers 100% toxin-free and natural baby MamaCare products to customers.

MamaEarth owners

First of all, they did research for product development keeping the Make in India approach. It was also necessary to manufacture in India to make the brand pocket-friendly for the common people. From sourcing the ingredients to the manufacturing of toxin-free products, the founders worked hard on all the front.

The company has its own research lab where the products are developed and tested and the Madesafe agency of America conducts the tests. The company has made formulations according to the guidelines of Madesafe. Among these, 8000 products are made without harmful chemicals. But this is not the end of the investigation.

Shilpa Shetty – The Face Of MamaEarth

Being just a small brand, the task for the duo was to make an impact in the market. They went for celebrity endorsement, and who better than Shilpa Shetty for the task. While they were trying to convince her to be the brand ambassador, Shilpa became an investor of this startup, seeing the potential of the product.

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Mamaearth, which started only from the online approach, is now turning to offline. The brand has reached over 1 million customers in more than 300 cities online.

Rs. 25 Lakhs Of Investment

Varun and Ghazal started the business with a capital of Rs 25 lakh. 75 lakhs were raised from friends and family, before the launch of the brand and later from Stellaris and Fireside’s series A round, a total of 30 crore rupees fund was collected.

Started With Just Rs. 25 Lakh, MamaEarth Is Now A Rs 100 Crore Business

100 Crore Revenue Company

So far the company has crossed 100 Crore Revenue. Moving beyond baby care, the company is now expanding its scope. Now the company is launching a range of natural products for the elders in the product portfolio. Mamaearth has set the goal of creating a body care brand for the whole family.

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