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Started With Aim Of Serving Students, Stanza Living Expects Rs 20 Crores Revenue in 2019

| Published on October 28, 2019

Students leave the comfort of their homes to relocate to another city for their education. It can be a highly stressful experience for them to adjust to this new life.

At this time of crisis, every student looks for comfort and a sense of belonging away from home. However, traditional hostels and PGs often fail to provide this. For them, it is a mere exercise of maximizing profit.

Stanza Living, founded in 2017, aims to provide students with communities they can thrive in. Students are provided high-quality residences with proper furnishing and designs fit for today’s youth.

The success multiplied every year!

Co-founded by Anindya Dutta and Sandeep Dalmia, Stanza Living started with just a hundred beds in the city of Delhi. By 2018, they had over two thousand beds across the NCR. This number increased tenfold by April 2019. In the two-year period, they have raised funds worth $16.7 million from investors such as Matrix and Acel Partners.

Initially, the company offered residences only in Delhi. The success in Delhi motivated them to expand their reach to other student hubs in India. As of now, Stanza Living offers residences in ten cities including Indore, Dehradun, and Noida. They are going to start their services in Chennai and Ahmedabad pretty soon.

Due to its huge success, Stanza Living is now one of the fastest-growing start-ups in India. According to co-founder and CEO Anindya Dutta, the company will earn revenues worth Rs. 20 crores in the 2019-20 fiscal year.

Offering more than just rooms.

The best feature of the company is that it offers a wide range of amenities to make the students’ everyday lives easier. Meals cooked in an FSSAI- approved kitchen are provided to the students. A bonus is the late-night meals available during the time of exams.

Students rarely have time to clean their rooms. Thus, they are provided with a professional housekeeping service to assist them in this task.

Food, cleaning, and internet!

If you are a student, having high-speed internet is perhaps as important to you like food, maybe even more! Stanza Living knows the importance of high-speed internet and provides students with the same, 24×7.

It’s a headache to deal with most wardens. The company takes care of this problem by appointing friendly ‘captains’ for each residence. These captains are trained from hospitality institutes. They are specifically trained to cater to the students’ needs and will assist you based on your feedback.

Besides these, the residences come along with creative spaces and common rooms where the students can bond and relax. Services like laundry and on-call doctors are also provided.

The founders want to establish a pan-India system.

In an interview with PTI, CEO Anindya Dutt said that the company has earmarked 250 crores for their expansion projects in new cities. “We aim to re-imagine student living for the millions of students migrating in the country, with our hassle-free, tech-enabled, and service-led housing experience”, said Mr. Dutt. The company has also set a target of achieving a total of 1 lakh beds by 2021.

Stanza Living is providing students with comfortable living conditions and is sending ripples across the student housing industry with its innovative ideas.

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