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Started With Aim Of Curing Her Own Skin Issues, How Jhansi Built A Brand Worth Rs. 4 Crores Turnover

| Published on May 2, 2020

How often do you come across brands that help you boost your confidence about yourself? In a world where judgement is part and parcel of everyday life, Jiore emerges as a successful beauty brand that focuses on healthy skin. Focusing essentially on soaps to address various skin problems like hyperpigmentation, skin whitening, de-tan and acne, Jiore is making a revolution in the soap industry in India. The founder, Jhansi Rani Vedachalam, is a successful cosmetologist who started her brand, right from humble beginnings.

About the founder

Growing up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Jhansi had to constantly face ridicule regarding her appearance which made her conscious about herself. Dark spots and pimples were most frequent on her skin which were used against her to mock her appearance. To overcome the insecurity, she took up sports like boxing and hockey. Unfortunately, that ruined her skin further. Further, with a profession in IT firms like Workdbank IBRD, Visa and Microsoft, her professional life took flight but it still made her feel incomplete because of the skin issues she faced. Luckily, her saving grace was not that far away.

Success of Jiore Skincare

By engaging with customers through feedbacks and testimonials that allow them to share the views, issues and before and after pictures of using Jiore products, the brand has become quite popular on various social media platforms. Even though she had to procure all her savings in order to get the finest ingredients, it was all worth it in the end.

When you give your customers the quality product they want they automatically refer you to all their friends & Families. That’s our marketing strategy which worked well for Jiore.

Currently, Vedachalam is tackling the stereotype faced by women entrepreneurs in India. She is striving to make people look her in the eye and acknowledge her as the CEO of Jiore. People will see all of this glam, and they make so many assumptions on that. They assume that you can’t be beautiful and be serious, be a serious entrepreneur and have a dream bigger

The numbers game & future

With a 70% success rate since its inception, Jiore is fairing well in the skincare industry in India. Surprisingly, most of its consumers are men and hence the products sold are unisex, to address the issues of men and women. The brand has plans to establish kiosks in major outlets in India, and increase its delivery channel, not just here but also abroad.

Jiore has made a turnover of Rs. 4 crores in just 2 years. They expect a better success rate in the second quarter as they garner more appreciation for the idea behind the entire brand. It is a delight to see how customers are still placing orders on Jiore, despite the lockdown. Instead, their sale for essential soaps and body washes have only increased by 30%.

We wish Vedachalam and her brand good luck with their future endeavours, and cannot wait to see what all Jiore comes up within the next few months.

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