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Started With A Experiment By A Couple, Read How ‘Munchilicious’ Has Expanded To 200 Outlets

| Published on February 14, 2020

Science is always said to be based on experiments, the rise of new ideas and the creation of technologies that can save lives.

But why just science? A young couple proved the value of thoughtfulness, experimentation, and innovation in making healthy, tasty and hygienic food, a ripple effect on improving human health. This proves how experimentation can start from science but end up everywhere, be it art, lifestyle or business.

The tale of tottlers!

Rohit and Purvi Pugalia were a normal middle-class family living in Kolkata. Rohit worked in a stockbroking firm and Purvi was a homemaker. However, Rohit always struggled with his diet, looking to munch on something during breaks but failing to maintain his health after consuming junk. On the other hand, Purvi tried to send more home-cooked food but there is a limit to the number of boxes her husband can carry to work.

The tale happened when the couple moved to Mumbai and opted to solve this problem for many corporates in the city. They experimented with salads and juices, delivered via platforms like Tiny Owl and for the year 2015, it was a small start to their business.

The rising curve

One step ahead, the Pugalia’s launched Soch Foods LLP in 2016 to work on expanding their business, looking at healthier food options and launching products that would be unique.

Rohit used his own experiences of craving crunchy snacks at work, counting on salads as more of a breakfast snack to work with his wife to find suitable products.

Purvi went ahead to experiment with the famous go-to crunchy and healthy snack, granola bars. She used a desi twist and added oats, nuts and dried fruits to create a no-preservative snack.

A healthy life ahead!

This is how Munchilicious was launched and has expanded ever since April 2017. From Flipkart to Paytm Mall, from India to Singapore and from no revenue to a Rs 25 crore turnover, Munchilicious is taking the couple on a ride filled with success and endeavour.

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