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Started In 2013, How Veeba Foods Is Ruling Indian Market With Turnover Of Over 200 Cr

| Published on January 21, 2020

There are times when you think something isn’t right for you but in the end, it turns out as the best thing on your plate. This is what happened with Viraj Bahl, the founder and head of Veeba foods, a surprising lead runner in the start-up food hub.

What is Veeba foods?

Veeba Foods is a sauces and dips manufacturer, targeting both B2B and B2C markets. It is a non-tomato ketchup-based brand that primarily has more than 40 types of units in production, targets the top ten cities and focuses on budgeted advertising.

Moreover, it works to customize and provide sauces to big brands like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Dunkin Donuts. These brands have their own tie-ups with Veeba, which comes as a surprise as all of them are competitors in the fast-food market.

In the B2C markets, it works as a condiment in many recipes, launched a cook-off show to promote the use of healthy sauces in dishes and keeps targeting general trade. The company boasts an average 40% growth ever since the start, a number that many other startups crave to achieve.

How has Veeba Foods grown?

Viraj Bahl’s family managed Fun Foods till 2008 before it was sold off to Dr. Oetker. Later, for five years, Viraj ventured into the restaurant business but realized it wasn’t the right path. Hence, as a budding entrepreneur now, he started Veeba in 2013. With their first client being Domino’s after a lot of persuasions, Viraj has never looked back.

The brand got its own facility in Delhi, had a new chef team and gained resounding success in the B2B market. However, the B2C market was only later tapped because of riskiness and less awareness amongst buyers.

Although, Veeba now directly competes with Dr. Oetker, especially in the Mayonnaise segment along with being prices slightly above competitors to ensure that they achieve their motto, quality, and innovation.

The success of Veeba

Veeba has now gained investments from three major deals with DSG consumer partners, Saama capital and Verlinvest. Moreover, the company which had only enough to spend on the print ad has been launching TV ads too so that it could further tap into the retail market where there lies the true potential for the brand to grow.

The company got a manufacturing facility in Rajasthan, has a strong e-commerce presence for sales and continues to have double-digit growth in the B2B business. Oh, and did I mention that it on-boarded Shahrukh Khan to promote their newest product, V-nourish, a venture into the child nutrition industry.

With new products and marketing plans, efforts to increase sales in tier-II cities and an online presence, Veeba has come a long way ahead with a few more miles to go. One can only enjoy a sandwich and watch how it plays out.

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