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Square Yards’ Unconventional Marketing Approach Has Garnered A Lot Of Attention

| Published on September 25, 2021

Indian brands have upped their marketing game in the past few years. If we compare it with the international contemporaries, there are companies who’ve marketing techniques have received global recognition.

Square Yards which is a full-stack Real Estate Platform, has recently rolled out an all-hands down, OOH campaign in Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Delhi-NCR, and Bangalore.

This campaign has grabbed a lot of attention nationwide and people have been talking about the interesting approach by the brand all over social media.

Square Yards has taken up a guerilla marketing approach putting up pretty intriguing call-to-action phrases against a yellow backdrop.

These billboards are placed in the city’s prime locations and have garnered a lot of attention from people. Take a look at some of the most eye-catchy billboards put up by the brand.

The brand uses some very double-meaning phrases to get the interest going. Once your eyes are stuck on the billboard, you are ought to notice the 360-degree marketing approach by Square Yards.

All of these billboards have one thing in common, no one can miss these yellow boards. Hence, marketing is done well it seems.

There is a Reddit thread that talks about the brand’s advertisement technique. People have been sharing their views and it can be said that the brand was successful in creating the buzz they so much wanted.

Once the poster was shared, netizens came in flooding the comment section with some of the most interesting reactions.

There were many who were not so pleased by the billboards and found that the company was ‘trying too hard’ to look cool.

Earlier this year, Realty+ had awarded Square Yards with the title of ‘Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year’ for the tremendous performance the company had showcased under the ‘The Lockdown Phenomenon’ campaign.

People may or may not like the brand’s approach towards its target audience. However, you surely cannot ignore it.

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