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2 minutes read

Spotify India Changes Its Profile Picture To ‘Good Day Biscuit’. See Why

| Published on June 27, 2020

Brands have been known to display unique ways to market their products/services. Every now and then, we see a quirky ad by a certain brand that catches everyone’s attention online. While mostly it is a planned marketing strategy, some of these just happened to come their way thanks to the connectivity of the internet.

Something similar happened recently with Spotify when a Twitter user Harsha, with user name @tapanguchi, shared an interesting observation between Spotify and our very own Britannia Good Day biscuits. He pointed out how the biscuit shape and Spotify logo look the same and now we cannot unsee it either.

The tweet got over 2.9 thousand retweets and 19 thousand likes, with people having a hilarious reaction to the tweet. The post went viral instantaneously and Spotify jumped in on the discussion too.

Very sportingly, Spotify India changed its profile picture on Twitter to that of the Britannia Good Day biscuit and people were loving the change.

The change was notified by Spotify India’s Head of Communications, Vasundhara Mudgil, who tweeted how the retweets about the similarities between Spotify & Good Day have caught their attention and how they decided to have a little fun with the newfound information.

Things got even more interesting when Britannia Industries joined the bandwagon and replied to one of the tweets in the best way possible.

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