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Son Teaches Dad To Play PS4 So He Gets ‘Addicted’ & Buys Him A New PS5 Genius!

| Published on June 2, 2021

To what extent you would go to convince your parents to buy you something you’ve been wanting for a long time? Well for many of us, this has not been an easy task. We all have memories from our childhood crying our eyes out all in hopes of getting our way. But sadly, all in vain.

Owning the latest PlayStation or even a Game Boy was a dream. But it may seem that this generation has started doing things differently. They have decided to make things happen now.

A Twitter user shared a picture of her brother and her dad playing games on a PS4. But what is interesting is that the boy was teaching his dad how to play the game just so that he gets addicted to it and buys him the new PS5. Since PS5 are all the rage right now, we totally understand his intentions.


The post was so much relatable that it went viral in no time. The tweet has received over 49.5k likes and almost 7k retweets. People were coming forward to applaud the young man’s efforts and smartness. Honestly, the extent to which he went does deserve all our appreciation.

The Twitter user did later on clarified that she posted the caption just for fun and that her father and brother were just chilling. Though it might be true, the post shared did stir up a conversation on social media sites.

Some people got ideas and jokingly said that they might use this genius strategy too. Take a look at all the tweets it received.

What is the craziest thing you have done to convince your parents for something you’ve wanted? Mention it in the comment section. Let’s have a chat.

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