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Someone Tweeted About Biryani Maggi & Netizens Are Going Crazy

| Published on September 24, 2020

We all love Maggi! It is the perfect comfort food and is synonymous to a lot of warm, homely feelings. It is a late-night chill scene food, the student’s favourite snack during hours of continuous studying, the affordable snack in your college canteen and basically the food over which all your friends and family can bond over! So when someone suggests mixing Maggi with another dish, it can get out of hand and is mostly unacceptable. How do you feel about a Biryani flavoured Maggi?

A user posted a picture of this variant that got Twitter talking! While there are always experimenters who love the new variants that come up every now and then, most users usually stick to the original variant as their holy grail.

It is no doubt that we all love Biryani as well. It is a popular dish around the world for its meaty aroma, fresh rice and is used for many occasions. But it did not go down too well with Maggi users on Twitter who came across this post.

Check out the reactions,



Apparently, the Biryani flavoured Maggi is quite popular in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East as a whole. Some could not believe their eyes that this kind of a variant was actually even approved for production. The taste, in contrast to the original Maggi is bland and spicey. We would definitely not want a noodle version of Biryani! Check out some other reactions below,

What are your thoughts on this?

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