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Some Interesting Facts About Swiggy None Of Us Knew

| Published on August 10, 2019

Swiggy is the leading food ordering and delivery platform in India. This innovative technology has enabled a host of benefits that includes lightning fast deliveries, live order and no restrictions on order amount, all while having the pleasure of enjoying your favourite meal wherever you’d like it.

But have you ever thought what is the most popular dish to be ordered on Swiggy? Any guesses? You will be astonished to know that our desi favourite food “biryani” is the nation’s favourite food, despite there being multiple other cuisines available. And the interesting fact is that Swiggy themselves revealed this.

Some Interesting Facts About Swiggy None Of Us Knew

Here are some more mind-blowing facts about our favourite food distributor, Swiggy:

1. Swiggy revealed that coffee is India’s most preferred drink. Sorry, Chai lovers.

2. Now when it comes to ordering Biryani, almost everyone must have ordered biryani more than once. The data shows that Biryani, the traditional and very much loved dish, has a rate of 43 orders per minute, be it day or night.

3. Dosa comes in the second position which is followed by burgers at the third place.

4. Coming to the most delicious section, that is, the dessert section. Gulab Jamun is the most ordered dessert and is followed by ras malai by a wide margin, as per Swiggy.

5. Extra sauce is the most popular add-on, it is the most common instruction left especially by people ordering food.

Some Interesting Facts About Swiggy None Of Us Knew

6. The craze for fast food is evidently seen by the fact that the Subway, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s and Burger King have recorded the highest number of orders in the last five years.

7. Not only that, “Pure Veg” is the most popular filter applied while ordering.

8. There’s a customer from Bengaluru who has been recorded to have ordered 17,962 times on the platform.

9. Swiggy’s highest dessert order value till date was when a customer ordered ice cream worth ₹76,527.

10. It has been a full five years since Swiggy has been launched, and as per Swiggy, they have come a long way. 5,11,45,09,008 km has been traveled by Swiggy’s delivery executives in the last five years of delivery.

11. Interestingly, Swiggy also has women delivery executives, and they have delivered more than 2,63,989 orders to date.

12. Swiggy’s family has grown to more than 2 lakh delivery executives, 1.2 lakh restaurant partners in about 290 cities in India.

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