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Sofit’s Latest Campaign Innovatively Encourages People To Work On Their Passions

| Published on August 4, 2020

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the picture of the entire world. When the whole world went in lockdown, it was something straight out of the apocalyptic movies. The streets where stranded, shops closed and curfews enforced almost everywhere.

The feeling was new for all of us and the new normal was a little difficult to adjust with. However, with all of us indoors, the lockdown did give us an opportunity to resonate with people and things that have been left behind.

The new Sofit ad campaign tells us just that. As a part of this campaign, the brand has launched a video that shows how people are getting a chance to work on their long lost hobbies and passion during the lockdown. While we were busy living our lives, the things that gave us little joy were left behind and it became difficult to make time for them. Whether it was exercise or painting or even cooking, people are now able to catchup up with all of it.

The video showcases exercise dumbbells, painting brush, a cast iron pan, and even a skipping rope missing their human who would once spend most of their time with them. But now in the lockdown, these lifeless things feel alive as people are giving more time to their passion. Of course, it was all a metaphor and the purpose was only to encourage people to live a healthy life again while they have the chance.

The brand has always been about a healthy body and a healthy mind. While Sofit takes care of the healthy body part, indulging yourself in something you enjoy doing would surely give a boost to your healthy mind.

Sofit being the leader in the healthy energy drink market urges people in the video to make the most of the opportunity that has been given to us. This lockdown may just prove to be a blessing in disguise for many. And of course, do not forget to enjoy the Sofit Soya Milk & Almond Milk as you will need all the energy to enjoy your passion.

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