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Socio Story: How A Farmer’s Son Enabled People To Share Their Stories To The World

| Published on October 9, 2019

In the world of smartphones, smart televisions & advanced technologies, people have forgotten the art of listening & expressing themselves. Even with the availability of every means possible, people have so much creativity, thoughts or even just feelings bundled up in them and no way to come out.

Everyone has a story to tell. Our own unique fascinating stories. But all we lacked was a platform.

This is where Manoj Pachauri, a farmer’s son from India, comes in. He came up with an innovative idea of presenting people with a platform to tell their stories out loud.

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Manoj Pachauri‘s ‘Socio Story’ is an innovative platform that empowers people to tell their stories and gives them an opportunity to be heard. It is open for anyone to speak and share. Their stories could be about anything from innovation, creativity, leadership, education, or even suffering every story is welcomed to be shared.

Manoj shared that the platform’s aim is to promote those people who aim at contributing to the betterment of society.

Socio Story

He also shared that more than 500 people from all over the world apply for the event. Out of these, 5 applicants are given a chance to share their stories. The applicants come from all walks of life, from student to professional anyone and everyone comes forward to participate.

The winner is then given an opportunity to interact with industry leaders with am aim to find a solution to their problems. With the help of this, we can aim at a better society to live in.

Socio Story is only 2 years old and the founders aim at receiving an even higher number of participations in the years to come.

Storytelling is a lost art, and to see a team solely dedicated to reviving it is sure to bring in some hope. After all, being heard for what you have to say is everything anyone could ever want.

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