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Social Media Management Lessons To Learn From Netflix Drama ‘Sex Education’

| Published on September 25, 2021

Sex education-The British teen comedy-drama series has managed to create ripples once again. The drama follows the lives of students, staff and parents of Moordale Secondary as they face varied predicaments on sexual intimacy. Featuring Asa Butterfield as Otis, Emma Mackey as Maeve and Gillian Anderson as Jean, the show received a lot of critical acclaim, love and support all over the world.
The show has a lot of takeaways for everyone, but let’s navigate a few of them in relation to social media managers, and see what the show portrays, that may prove useful to social media managers.

Sex Education Season 3.

1. Be selective

Sometimes it’s better to stay silent than be a part of an unproductive conversation. And it is also absolutely alright to back out of an ongoing verbiage, that others may deem important. Be confident and well-assured- like how Eric does it!
Similarly, take part in those conversations that benefit you. It is important you make your client understand that brand relevance is more important than being another run-of-the-mill brand. Just marketing, for the sake of marketing, is hardly of any use.

2. Middle-Of-The-Road posts are important too

Some things don’t make sense at all in Otis’s life, but this very characteristic binds the storyline of the show, adding to its plot. It is the same with social media. Sometimes, an ordinary post, or an average-looking upload can garner a lot of interest on going viral. This unpredictability of social media is just one of the many exciting benefits it offers. Because even a single set of audience can have varied reactions to a post. And every upload has an audience who may appreciate it.

3. Handle with care. Even the mistreatment.

A very many times, it may appear that the audience is not very appreciative of a particular brand. And this may direct a lot of mistreatment towards social media managers too. Whatever the case, handle it with utmost care. And the way to do it, is by categorically putting it up with the concerned person but in a respectful manner. Just like Mr Hendricks does it when he’s being spoken to wrongly.

4. Apologize when wrong.

If you ever find yourself to be wrong, even slightly, do not defend yourself. Its always better to apologize. Maeve, in spite of being a little haughty, never lets her pride get the better of it. Pride is something that can tear your brand away in a short span of time. So, firstly, be careful of insensitive content, and listen to complaints so that you appear genuinely interested in the brand.

5. Have faith in yourself.

Internet can bring lots of unrequired judgements. And one can be easily overwhelmed. So it becomes important to know your offering and be confident about it. Do some good research and back it up with conviction, just the way Maeve does it.

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