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Smartphone Brands Getting Smarter To Use Selfie obsession As A Weapon To Grab Market

| Published on June 26, 2017

Who doesn’t love to click a selfie? It has now become a trend(oops sorry) a habit of human world to click a selfie.

Nowadays display pictures is a door to ones virtual world. As the world has got self dependent lately so no more do people rely on their friends for clicking a good picture, they hoped of clicking a picture themselves. Thus came the new innovation from the smart phones, Front Camera.

And with the advent of new ideas on social media platforms came the new innovations made by the smart phone brands in front camera.

The Word Selfie instantly became the talk of the world. Getting included in the music videos, mentioned in hashtags made this more popular and now it is a very well known phenomena to click a selfie wherever you go and whatever you do. The brands grabbed this to enhance their market.

Selfie obsession and the market

1. Which brand is behind the “selfiestan” campaign?
2. Which brand calls itself the selfie expert?
3. Which brand’s campaign is “it’s not a selfie, it’s my self”?
Oh, we all know it !Isn’t it??




The marketing & advertising budget of Oppo & Vivo together combined is around 2200 crore which would exceed the marketing budget of Samsung, LG, Videocon and Sony combined.

To what extent will these brands go in near future? Well, we have to wait and watch!

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