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Smart Strategies Using Which McDonald’s Makes You Spend More

| Published on October 9, 2020

Food Brands are known to use marketing tricks and give you irresistible treats which you are bound to divulge in. McDonald’s, in India pioneered the Quick Service Restaurant format and here’s how they make you crave more.

Smart Strategies Using Which McDonald's Makes You Spend More

1) Price Anchoring by McDonald’s

Notice that at McDonald’s, a small fries pack will cost you the lowest but the difference between medium and large fries is so minimal, that one is always tempted to buy the large fries.

2) Subtle touch screen animations

When you use the McDonald’s touch screen, have you ever noticed how little items dance and wiggle as you are choosing? That’s because it’s using attention cues to draw your eyes towards the pricey items on the menu. Our eyes catch on to the movement and attract us towards buying them.

3) No price tags

The menu displayed on the board doesn’t usually display the prices and Mcdonalds uses the technique of reducing any psychological pain caused because of seeing the prices under the items.

4) The grouping trick

Research shows that humans love patterns and groups and Mcdonalds uses this very effectively in their advertisements. The burgers milkshakes or icecreams are always displayed three in a row which makes the combo, a whole lot attractive.

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Source: EatThis

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