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How Simmba Helped Brands Use The Success Of Ranveer Singh

| Published on January 3, 2019

Ranveer Singh is evolving as a perfect combination of an actor and a brand endorser. Along with delivering big hits on the box office, his infectious energy and dressing sense has helped him earn a loyal fan base.

His latest project Simmba proved to be a successful one making earnings of over Rs 76 crore on its opening weekend in the country. Talking about the brand endorsements, he was seen promoting his associated brands like Saregama Carvaan and Ching’s. Collectively there were 5 product placements in the movie.

Also, Ajay Devgn’s scenes have been used as product placement of the GoodYear tyre brand followed by Devgn stepping out of the SUV.

Marathi newspaper Lokmat and Rupa Frontline were featured on the background as outdoor ads in the movie. Before the movie release, Ranveer promoted Carvaan and Rupa Frontline on their social media accounts as he is the brand ambassador of Ching’s and Rupa Frontline.

As the same brands were in the movie, these product placements were a perfect post campaign deals for the companies. Such strategies should be followed by other brands and celebs as having a loyal ambassador helps in building a mindset of the audience that can be turned into future customer easily.

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Note that, Simmba was made with an advertising and promotion budget of Rs 75 crore becoming one of the most expensive ad films ever made in the history of advertising. Interestingly, Ranveer and Rohit first worked together on sets of Ching’s ad. Ranveer recently said in a recent interview with Film Companion said On the post-production of that ad, we were dubbing for it in Yash Raj Studios, and he comes into the dubbing room and he said, “Mere paas tere liye ek subj–,” and I was like, “Haan, shooting kab hai?” I was on like donkey kong. Here is that short brand film:

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