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This ‘Tandoori Chai Point’ Is Creating Buzz Across Social Media

| Published on March 28, 2021

Tea or chai, as we Indians know it, is the most widely consumed hot beverage in the country. We drink our tea like we drink water, sometimes every second hour because it alleviates stress and makes us focus better. You will find a tea stall in every second corner of the street, and there is no surprise that some of the best conversations happen over a cup of the same.

Silchar in Assam is popular for its Tandoori Chai, a premium variety of tea that is made of black tea in milk. This royalty is loved by the Assam locals and tourists and works as a breath of fresh air. Tandoori Chai Point is located near N.S. Avenue in Silchar.

How did Tandoori Chai Point begin its business?

Coupled with some street food, Tandoori Chai Point is buzzing with customers day in and out. The idea of having tea with some hot snacks. The owner, Bappa, recalls that on his visit from Kolkata to Silchar, he realized that this form of brewing tea was quite popular in the region, Hence, he started his own venture which became an instant knockout within a few months.

The business model of brewing tea or making Tandoori Chai was appreciated by all locals. When the global pandemic hit last year, there were a few difficulties faced by Bappa making his partner quit. However, post lockdown, he found a new partner and the business has been soaring ever since. Slowly, Tandoori Chai Point started having 200-300 customers daily.

Plans of Expansion

Seeing the rage around Tandoori Chai Point, a gentleman offered Bappa a larger commercial space just behind his current shop that would be able to accommodate more customers at the same time. While it will take a few more months to get completed, Bappa claims to introduce more flavors in his menu soon making his customers enjoy the joy of sitting and enjoying their cup of tea and plate of snacks.

This variety of tea has definitely revolutionized the tea industry and we cannot wait to see which other flavors come to the menu. This youth has definitely derived a successful business model based solely on popularity and would be expanding his business with a hint of creativity as well.

Source: Barak Bulletin

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