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Signal Witnesses A Spike By 5200% After Being Backed By Elon Musk

| Published on January 24, 2021

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy row announced on 8th January 2021 led to the rise of Signal, another chat communications app that apparently received quite a lot in donations from Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. WhatsApp’s new update has claimed of using data with Facebook and other third parties, making individuals reconsider using the app. Moreover, Musk also tweeted how everyone should make the switch and ‘use Signal’ in a tweet.

By 13th January following WhatsApp’s update and Musk’s tweet, Signal had gained nearly 5.34% of global users. 1% of reach encompasses 4.5 million users. Hence, 5.34% means it gained nearly 24 million users that too just in India.

Additionally, Pavel Durov’s Telegram attained a similar reach by 5% after WhatsApp’s official privacy policy update. Even before that, it had a steady growth of 28% worldwide. So many people use WhatsApp. However, the app has witnessed a significant downward linear ever since.

In another tweet, Signal also shared how users could migrate from other apps to Signal in a convenient way that would ensure end-to-end encryption and no further loss of data.

A detailed comparison between Signal, WhatsApp, and Telegram shows how Signal faired in all three metrics leaving WhatsApp and Telegram quite stagnant.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp tried to come up with a number of redressals ever since, from posting a status update on the app to posting full page ads. Currently, they are doing damage control. WhatsApp also officially tweeted on Twitter how they DO NOT share data with Facebook and third-party applications.

Only time will tell which app becomes the world’s favorite. It is true that WhatsApp is currently trending on both the PlayStore and App Store, however, the recognition will be short lived if more claims come forward about the data breach and misuse.

Have you already bid goodbye to WhatsApp?

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