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Shop Mistakenly Puts TV Worth Rs 31,500 For Sale At Rs 2,450, Customers Went Crazy

| Published on January 15, 2020

Recently, a supermarket called Geant Casino (Montpellier) accidentally tagged the wrong price to the brand new television sets and regretted later due to the customers’ parlous behavior.

This french retail store could not handle the stubborn shoppers as they wanted to take the TVs away at the mistakenly tagged price. Read the highlights below.

TVs Worth Rs.31,500 Mistakenly Tagged For Rs.2,450; Customers Went Crazy

The news of this TV sale at such low cost went speedily viral on social media that made a throng of folks arrive at the store to buy the cheap TV sets. Then, the truth was highlighted by the staff of the store that made people lose their cool.

They were not ready to leave the store without taking the TV sets with them at the discount price. The police were called to handle the crowd and prevent the stuff at the market.

3-4 TV sets were observed in the carts per person. They refused to leave the store that created a huge mess there. People did not leave even after the late evening.

At the end, the police had to be a little strict to empty the store as the closing time was approaching but still took an extra hour for the same.

This is the result of small mistakes and even if they occured, as shoppers, we must understand such sensitive situations rather than clinging to them. What is your take on that?

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