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Shoe Brand Pranks Fashion Influencers & VIP Shoppers By Opening Fake Luxury Store

| Published on November 30, 2018

While doing a social experiment, an American footwear brand pranked fashion influencers on paying hundreds of dollars for shoes that are normally priced anywhere between $20 to $50. The brand named Payless Shoesource tricked VIP shoppers as part of a viral advertising campaign designed to change consumers’ perceptions of the brand.

Payless took a former Armani store in California and renamed it to Palessi and filled it with their own discount footwear. To attract customers, they invited fashion bloggers and VIP guests to shop for the heels, tennis shoes, sandals and more at luxury rates of $200 to $600.

“Palessi” sold about $3,000 worth of shoes within a few hours at the Wednesday event, USA Today reported. Interestingly, no one came to know about this prank and customers paid for their purchases

You can watch a video of the whole thing below:

This experiment got a huge response on social medi with a ton of comments. Many applauded the brand’s innovative marketing campaign.

Brilliant marketing

Good for Payless. I love it.

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