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Shatabdi Express Faces Backlash For Serving Expired Bread To Passengers

| Published on January 11, 2020

Indian Railways are improving a lot, these days. If we look in ancient times, the trains in India, today, have everything that people require during long journeys. From comfortable sleeper rooms to free wi-fi, they have pretty much sorted out everything.

But, recently, various questions on the quality of food served in trains have risen. Read the full story below.

Shatabdi Express Served Disgusing Food To Passengers!

The passengers traveling in Shatabdi Express (Mumbai-Hyderabad) have highlighted the situation where they were served unhygienic bread and butter on the train. The bread clearly had fungus on it. A lot of them have mentioned getting sick after consuming the food plated up during the journey.

This particular Tweet was followed by several hateful and disapproving comments.

Even after filing a complaint, the IRCTC did not seem to take it seriously according to the victim.

And it doesn’t end just here…

“IRCTC officials have been suspended and the contractor has been served notice for termination of the contract,” the officials stated.

What do you say?

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