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Shah Rukh Khan Uses Character Marketing With Bauua Singh To Build Excitement Ahead of Zero Release

| Published on November 2, 2018

Shahrukh Khan has always termed as a better marketer than an actor. This is probably the reason that despite of some of his movies not doing commercially well, they hardly lose any money. His marketing intelligence always helps the movie recover its money even before the release.

The Pre-Hype

And now with Zero, gearing up for release, Shah Rukh does it again. It started by revealing the name of the film with a video release, which was then followed by another teaser featuring Salman Khan on EID. Both the teasers received a very warm welcome from the audience and were loved by everyone.

Shah Rukh Khan’s vertically challenged character in the movie became instantly popular. Nurturing the opportunity, just weeks ahead of the trailer launch of Zero, the character Bauua Singh was taken live with a twitter account.

Bauua Singh

In this unique marketing stint, Bauua Singh has been made larger than the film or Shah Rukh Khan himself. More importance is been given to the character than the actors. The character his own style of dressing, his lingo and he end up interacting with Shah Rukh Khan as well on Twitter. People really like his humorous way and unique style and just as anticipated, it is creating a lot of buzz for the film. More than the film, people are excited to see what Bauua Singh would be doing next and how will his character be translated on screen.

After taking over the Twitterati world with his witty conversations, Bauua Singh also launched his cartoonish avatars and asked people to change their dps if they like it and change their taste if they don’t.

Now to make Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday special, Bauua Singh wished him at midnight and also released the Zero special emojis on Twitter.

Now we hope that the movie lives up to the expectations and hype created by Bauua Singh and gives people a loving Christmas delight.

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