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Shah Rukh Khan & John Abraham Came Together In This Old Pepsi Advertisement Before Pathaan

| Published on February 3, 2023

Pathaan’s fever is everywhere. Open your social media and you will see people grooving on ‘Jhoome Jo Pathaan’ in movie theatres worldwide. Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are delighted with how exceptionally well the movie is doing at the box office. The dead stage of Bollywood is over and the cinema halls have turned festive with the release of Ptahaan. The film is also very special as it is Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback after 4 years on the big screen and he has come as a savior to the losing game of Bollywood.

Although Khan’s charm and stardom have taken away most of the limelight, people are also loving the charismatic presence of John Abraham who plays the antagonist in the movie. Pathaan’s rival ‘Jim’ is smart, stunning, and brutal.  Jim’s character is so well played by John Abraham as he suits so well in it. We can’t even think of anyone else playing it better.

Shah Rukh Khan and John have some great scenes together in the movie and people are loving their onscreen rivalry. But this is not the first time the two have come together for a project.

In 2007, Shah Rukh and John were seen together in an ad commercial for Pepsi. In this commercial, both are seen mocking each other on their looks and even calling one another  ‘uncle’ as they fight to gain an uninterested teenager’s attention. This was the first time these two were seen together on screen.

This funny advertisement with an interesting star cast back from 2007, is set in a restaurant where the two stars are mocking each other’s hairstyles. A teenager then walks into the cafe and starts walking towards the two stars. Looking at the teenager walking towards them, these two stars immediately start arguing over who would give the autograph first to the boy. But to their surprise, the boy asks them to step aside saying  ‘Uncle zara side dena’ so that he can get his Pepsi can from the vending machine behind the two actors. The ad ends with Shah Rukh and John being embarrassed by the teenager’s disinterest in them. Shah Rukh then tells John in Hindi, “He called you uncle. I did not like it at all.”

A very pleasant blast from the past with Pathaan’s star cast, isn’t it?

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