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How To Select Best Employees For Your Business Or Startup?

| Published on October 30, 2018

Hiring process complexities nowadays make it the most scintillating factor for the excel growth of the business specialized in any respective field. The foremost norm says that the quality of the work is directly proportional to the utilitarian nature of the people working for you. An ample amount of time demands to be invested in the boarding process and retention techniques. If you don’t do so?

Well, then you are in the high-risk zone of losing your employees to your competitors in the market who are all set with attractive deals for your people.

This article would focus on the requisite strategies you need to perfectly implement in order to select and retain the best talent regarding your field. Selection, not at all being an easy process always keeps you up to questioning your decisions as pleasing everyone can never be an option for your growth. In this guide, we would discuss, yet not completely unprecedented but still useful things which would help you in excogitating your hiring plan.

Be a Strong Employer Brand in Yourself

DON’T JUMP INTO NEW HIRES DIRECTLY. You have to make people believe that you only work with quality applicants. A resume or job description should not be the only traditional criteria to work for your firm. Your current employees play a vital role in creating your employer brand. Positive employer branding will always be an asset to you. The basic aspect of this branding goes from describing the values being it cultural or manage your company stands for. Provide them with the knowledge of the benefits they are seeking after working with you. Take care of your employees. See, Keeping emotions aside, this is pure business. Employees in present days are generally found seeking flexible hours, vacation times and in some cases health benefits too. Facilitate them, and they will do the publicity work for you. YOU DON’T NEED TO PAY EXTRA FOR THAT NOW AT LEAST!

Create proper descriptions on the job portals


  • Everybody wants to recruit Topmost Talent for their Company, and The best Place to find them is at Top Job Portals of India.
  • All being said about the employer branding, the most important thing is still the salary and perks you are offering to your employees.
  • You will need a job description which should be designed in a skillful manner so as to attract the best possible crowd.
  • While creating the job description, try and create a full image of most demanded applicant for the role and not merely mentioning the qualifications for the job.
  • Soft skills are the necessity for any quality work and it should always be your primary focus. All you need to do is to sell the culture and way of your working in the most appreciative way.
  • Try to use ebullient manner instead of old and traditional ones. Tell them about the key benefits, healthy atmosphere of your workplace and the unique mission of your company. Humor is always an available option.

Implement referral and advertising techniques in hiring process

Go for a combination of channels. It starts from the employee referrals and goes up to job postings. Seen in most cases, employee referrals are best to generate benefits for you as they have been working for your company since long and now withhold ample amount of knowledge regarding the working place conditions (STEP 1 is success key in this domain). Employee referrals are sure to work. Job postings are also an asset to the marketing of your firm name as it introduces you to candidates on a larger scale. All you have to do is post a clearly elucidated yet an attractive job post on the best job portals available online.

Strengthen Your Onboarding Process

Hiring is done. Now for the optimum use of their capabilities and to keep them for a longer period, you have to get them onboard. This should be a priority. Be really interested in this part as your candidate will easily perceive that is it just a bunch of thrown documents or do it really matter. The documents mainly include the candidate’s signed office letter, identification forms, non-compete agreement and some more legal papers.

Strategize the retention of your employees

As we discussed a lot about the hiring procedure, but retention of the already working associates also becomes a responsibility and necessity simultaneously. This is indeed the best possible way to keep your business well-staffed. Try and get a FEEDBACK SCHEME for your employees. Everybody likes the system of feedbacks and appreciation. In a specific time domain, provide them with a 360-degree review of their work and grant them personal feedback on their strengths and a bit help in the areas they still need to work on. This would make them feel more secure and would help you to retain them in a longer run.

Keep your hiring thing slow

A quality firm never requires to spurt out and go for fast hiring. A bad employee could cost you even more than a no employee. Learn to wait patiently for the quality candidate. Let not the pressures of filling the vacant seats overpower your decisions. A good strategy can always be looking for a good candidate and not wait for the immediate need. This would decrease the panic and improve the quality of the work efficiently.

Avoid Surprise Firings

Well, termination of a bad employee is a necessity. We are not here to carry dead loads. The only thing to be kept in mind is that this termination should not be out of a surprise. This would tarnish your reputation and hurt your EMPLOYER brand adversely. Make it out in a more formal way. Issue some written warnings regarding the deteriorating work. Specify the areas of the improvement and allow some time to improve. This is basically a workout plan for you. Now still if the things don’t go right. You are all free to terminate him or her. Just make sure you have enough documented reasons to fire them.

Your newly hired employees are seeking some engaging work and motivation to do so. Provide them with it. Make sure to start them with a scintillating onboarding process with an ongoing smooth and interesting payroll process. TRY IT OUT NOW!

Guest Post by Saniya Virani

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