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See Why The 34 Year-Old Journey Of Maruti Suzuki GYPSY Is Ending

| Published on March 7, 2019

Introduced in the year 1985, Maruti Suzuki’s Gypsy has been one of the oldest produced SUVs in India. However, it seems like the legacy is finally coming to an end.

A little know how

With a history of 34 years, Gypsy was a budgeted SUV. It cost around 6.22 lacs and was available in two varieties – Soft top and hard top. Moreover, it was one of the best off-roaders in the market. The latest model has a 1.3-liter four-cylinder petrol engine partnered with a five-speed manual transmission. Also, it was and will always be an important part of the Indian Armed forces.

Its compact dimensions along with two door system worked in great favours for the army. It functioned as a part of the army with an all-wheel-drive system for more than a decade. Moreover, you must have surely seen this car in multiple rally events all over India.

Things have changed

Recently, a snapshot (courtesy Team BHP) of an official email sent my Maruti Suzuki dealers to stop accepting orders for Gypsy has confirmed the end of the Gypsy era. However, the car is still listed on the company website but the email suggests that the production for the same is being stopped. According to Team-BHP and the mail sent in by them, Gypsy is officially retiring.

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Why did this happen?

Well, with the new crash test norms in place along with changing times, the model was not able to meet the required standards. It would be a simple decision for Maruti to upgrade the model to meet the new BS-VI emission norms. There are high chances of a new generation Jimmy to enter the market.

Hence it all makes sense now, to mark an end to a legacy, only to pave the way for the new generation.

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