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See Why Samsung India Is Thanking Xiaomi

| Published on February 18, 2019

Have you tried the new Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 smartphones? If the answer is no, then waiting for some more time would be a better suggestion.

Samsung’s arch rival Xiaomi has challenged them once again taking the upcoming Redmi Note 7 smartphone as a medium to prove themselves. In response, Samsung very calmly and smartly thanked them for the challenge.

Confused? Let us take a closer look at the recent update in one of the biggest rivalry of today’s smartphone era, that is, Samsung vs Xiaomi.

What happened?

It has just been a few days since the launch of the first two models of the most awaited Samsung Galaxy’s M series – M10 & M20 and Xiaomi starts prodding at the models by mocking them on social platforms with words – “’M’ean” to “’M’ic” drop moments.

China-headquartered, Xiaomi has gone out of its way bragging about their upcoming Redmi Note 7 smartphone indirectly convincing people to not buy Galaxy M Series.

What did Samsung say?

Xiaomi and it’s global VP Manu Jain who has always proved to be quite vocal when it comes to the firm’s rivalry with Samsung, on the other side, Samsung with a completely contradictory approach refrains from commenting on its competitors.

But, Samsung recently through its actions tried to remind the world that their silence shouldn’t be taken as their fear and finally broke its silence over the comments.

All I say is thank you [to Xiaomi] for talking about us [Samsung]. We talk about consumers while you [Xiaomi] are talking about us”, said Ranjivjit Singh, senior vice president and head of Mobile Marketing Department of Samsung India in an exclusive interview with Times of India-Gadgets Now.

He also boasted about the response to Galaxy M series and said, “The Galaxy M series is far by one of the best launches we have made and we are very confident about the future launches in the M series. We have hit a sweet spot in the market and we are very happy.”

Samsung silently took a dig on Xiaomi, instead of being vocal and criticizing them out in the open.

Current Situation:

Reports say Samsung is currently gearing up for the third edition of newly-launched Galaxy M series which is to be called Galaxy M30. The smartphone is expected to launch in early March and will be priced below ₹16,000, undoubtedly a direct big hit on the Xiaomi market.

Also, Samsung is trying out the Xiaomi’s mobile-for-everyone strategy by planning to launch a new range of A-series smartphones with the price under ₹10,000.

Samsung used to rule the smartphone market in India until Xiaomi took over in 2017. Since then Samsung has been working aggressively to regain the spot.

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