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See How Mediatek’s Helio P60 Is Changing Perceptions About Mid-Range SmartPhones

| Published on October 3, 2018

The smartphone industry in India is very competitive. Most smartphone users start with low-cost options and experience problems that make them look for flagship phones. Some choose to complain what they have, while others end up in paying more than their estimated budget. In a country with people of diverse requirements like India, you’ll get something that appeals to everyone. OPPO’s new mid-range smartphone, the F9 Pro is one such option that is grabbing the attention of smartphone buyers due to the chipset used in it- Mediatek’s Helio P60.

About MediaTek Helio P60

On 26 February, MediaTek officially launched its Helio P60 chipset. It is the first generation of smartphones SoCs that includes the Mobile Advanced Processing Unit (APU) and also have AI Processing Unit, and NeuroPilot AI technology.

Helio P60 has raised the bar higher for its competitors like Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, 626, 636. Recent Geekbench test scores reveal how MediaTek Helio P60 is better than others and why smartphone companies are eager to acquire it.

Reasons why every Smartphone maker wants Mediatek’s Helio P60

Built using 12nm technology, this chip delivers incredible energy efficiency, longer battery life and is optimized for today’s most demanding applications. Also, MediaTek Helio P60 has MediaPort Core Pilot 4.0 technology that helps in managing various tasks in the smartphone.

The chipset offers deep learning facial recognition, object and scene identification, user behavior-informed performance and other AI and AR application enhancements.

Multi-core processors

It has four Arm A73 processors at 2.0GHz and four Arm A53 processors at 2.0GHz for more fluid and optimized gaming performance.

Big processing cores smoothers the experience of heavy load gaming apps, which is a must-have quality considering the popularity of multi-player games in India.

Smart Imaging

Not only gaming, P60 also enhances the photography experience for the users by supporting tasks like Real-time HDR recording and viewing, accurate face detection and intelligent scene detection. It has a power-optimized triple-Image Signal Processor (ISP) system to help you take stunning photos and videos.

CorePilot – 12 nm process

CorePilot 4.0 is a module on the latest MediaTek Helio P60 series SoCs which provides sustained high performance and great power efficiency.

It assists MediaTek Helio P60 to deliver precise power to the device for heavy gaming, video or even multitasking applications.

This helps MediaTek Helio P60 to deliver 70% higher performance than the previous generation MediaTek Helio P23 series chipset. Compared to MediaTek Helio P23, P60 delivers up to 25% power savings in heavy duty gaming situations and boasts overall power savings of up to 12 %.


Mediatek Helio P60

MediaTek Helio P60 has the functionality to support to enhance connectivity in both the SIM Slots. Thus, consumers can use 4G-VoLTE on both SIM slots together.

What more can you ask in a single chipset? Thus, we believe that Mediatek’s Helio P60 revolution will completely change the mindset of Indians about mid-range smartphones available in the country.

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