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SBI Account With 2 Owners, One Deposited & Other Withdrew Thinking Modiji Was Giving Rs 15 Lakh

| Published on November 23, 2019

Its been over 3 years when India’s Prime minister announced one of the biggest decisions of Demonetisation after which currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 was declared invalid. At the time of announcement, Modiji said that he is doing all this to minimize black money and corruption in India.


While the effects of Demonetisation are still getting revealed, one interesting case is going all across the internet. A State Bank Of India account holder from Madhya Pradesh thought that PM was sending him money and was keeping his promise to recover black money and distribute it to the needy citizens.


As expected, it wasn’t the reality and was an error of Rajesh Sonkar, the manager of SBI branch who assigned identical account numbers to 2 different customers. By mistake, 2 customers had one account as their account details didn’t differ much except the photographs.

Hukum Singh from Rurai village was searching for work and kept depositing money in his SBI account. Hukum Singh from Roni village, MP got money in his bank account every month. If we believe him, he thought it was PM Modi who was depositing money and he withdrew Rs 89,000 in over 6 months.

“Money came and I thought Modiji was giving money so I withdrew it. I didn’t have money and it was a necessity,” he said. The confusion was revealed last month after the depositor Hukum Singh tried to withdraw money from his account. He saw that he had Rs 35,400 in his account, whereas it should have been Rs 1,40,000. So, he decided to complain bank officials.

The bank officials have acknowledged the error, but it is still not clear how the situation will be sorted.

Source: IndiaTimes

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