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Saumick Pal’s ‘Silver Hair Sins’ Is A Must Have If You Love Thrillers

| Published on March 1, 2019

Books are the results of human creativity. Reading books can certainly help you become a better human being. Not only knowledge and wisdom, but they are also a source of entertainment.

If you love thrillers as much as we do, this might just be something you would love to know about. What if we tell you that there are books that use photographs to narrate a story?

Yes, you read that right, to give you more details author Saumick Pal has come up with his new book, “Silver Hair Sins”, and the plot has us hooked. Saumick has used a unique perspective as more than half of the book has been narrated using cinematized photographs.

The story

The story is set in an imaginative world in the near future, around 2200 AD. Mankind has almost completely led to self-destruction due to religious and political conflicts. In such difficult times, a group of people decides to use Artificial Intelligence in order to merge all the various religions into one GOD AI.

Once you read the complete story, you’ll realize it is a commentary on the recent social issues, where mankind is in danger due to religious conflicts and political influence.

About the author

The author, Saumick Pal, is an engineer and has been working for 13 years in myriad fields. Also, he is a mentor to the youth of the country. He has worked as a scriptwriter too. His writing style is crisp, compact and will leave you wanting for more even after you read the whole book.

The launch

The book will hit the stands on 23rd March and will be available both on Kindle and in paperback. It will be available exclusively on Amazon, Flipkart and at Crosswords.

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