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Samsung Once Again Trolls Apple In Its Latest Ads

| Published on July 25, 2018

Brands wars have now become an important aspect of marketing and advertising. Mocking competitors in a way that attracts customers to pick brands out of options has become a trend. In 2011, Samsung started a marketing tradition of trolling Apple by making fun of iPhones and their owners in various ads. It’s something Samsung has been continuing even today.


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A new series of ads has been made by Samsung to continue this brand war. These ads try to prove that Samsung’s phones do better than the iPhone X in several points. Making fun of the iPhone X’s slower download speed, its inferior camera, and lack of fast charging and a headphone jack has been illustrated through these ads.

Samsung is targeting iPhone users and is trying to make them shift to Android. Reports show that Apple is still ahead of Samsung in phone activations in the US, which is the demographic region at which these ads are aimed to. Customers are showing more interest in iPhones as compared to Samsung devices despite the fact that the Android smartphone maker has a wider variety at different price points.

Apple hasn’t responded to these ads, but it will be interesting to see if Apple tries to take more initiative for beating Samsung. Seeing the current strategy it looks Apple is focusing on its own products more rather than these marketing wars.

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