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How Samsung Is Planning To Compete Against Xiaomi’s Redmi

| Published on January 7, 2019

For long, the Indian smartphone market been conquered by the Chinese players, taking advantage of the need for more features but in lower prices among consumers. RedMi with its goal of “making quality technology accessible to everyone” has done the same.

Samsung is all set to change the game..

However, Samsung, South Korea’s largest chaebol and known for its numerous affiliated businesses is now ready to contest Xiaomi’s most well flourished Redmi series of cell phones in the Indian market because of its affordable and mid-price range segment.

What is going to Happen?

The Indian smartphone market is set to witness the game-changing moment in 2019 by the release of Samsung Galaxy ‘M’ Series that redefine the affordable and mid-price range segments currently conquered by its Chinese competitors like Xiaomi, Oppo etc. Basically, instead of introducing new technology in the flagship Galaxy S or Note series, Samsung plans to bring in cutting-edge features to its cheaper models first.

Why now?

2018 had directed Samsung to a new and better technology process because its sales fell by 20 percent in the second quarter of the same year, thus pressurizing the company. On the other hand, we have Chinese players like Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi delivering high-spec devices at affordable prices, creating a sense of competition in the domain which was used to be once dominated by Samsung.

What do we know?

Finally realizing that Indian and other South Asian countries are going out of hand, Samsung has planned to focus on this segment to gain back its lost crown. With the release of M series, Samsung has planned to launch Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20. M10 will house a battery capacity of 3,400 mAh with a 6.02-inch display whereas M20 will house a whopping 5,000 mAh battery and 6.13-inch display (rumors suggest). Also, rumours of M30, the next sequel of the M series are in the air which is to have an Infinity-U notch display.

Samsung’s new Galaxy M series of smartphones with its industry-first features emanates its importance in India as a growth market. Ready to set a seat and compete Xiaomi in this race and once again consolidate its position among the millennials of the country.

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