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Samsung Once Again Mocks Apple In Its Latest Advertisement

| Published on May 21, 2018

Samsung is looking very aggressive with its marketing team. The famous smartphone brand never leaves a chance to pop out the cons in its rivals’ products. After trolling OnePlus 6 for its tagline, Samsung has once again made fun of Apple smartphones in its latest advertisement.

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In this ad, a woman faces several problems such as not accessing her travel pass, then not getting to watch a video on the plane and then having an issue with Uber app because of the slowness of her phone. Also, she always finds herself surrounded by Samsung users. She even visits Apple store for solving the problems in her phone but the executive suggests her to turn off the performance management option in her iPhone. This clearly shows that Samsung is making fun of iPhone 6’s battery slowing issue.

In the end, she buys a Galaxy S9 with giving the message ‘Upgrade to Galaxy’. Samsung is indirectly asking users to upgrade their iPhone 6 to Galaxy S9 instead of buying iPhone 8 or iPhone X. You can watch the complete ad below:

This isn’t the first incident when Samsung has spotted issues in iPhone and showed it for promoting its own smartphones. In 2007, a commercial was released in which a guy buys his first iPhone and faces problems due to his new phone. In 2010, he ran out of storage space while capturing a photo from his phone and in 2013, Samsung mocked iPhone for not having a stylus pen. In 2016 Apple was trolled for not making waterproof phones. The iPhone 7 has been mocked in the past for lack of wireless charging support and not having a headphone jack.

This is a very smart move by Samsung as it is targeting the Apple lovers and making them feel that the smartphones made by Samsung are better than iPhone in many ways.

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