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Samosa’s Are Now Stamped With Serial Numbers To Identify Their Fillings Inside

| Published on September 3, 2021

The most delicious street food snack that is enjoyed by almost everyone in India has got to be the crispy, hot and freshly fried Samosa! Nothing can go wrong with a samosa and a teekhi mirchi which is ideally wrapped in loose newspaper and enjoyed most ardently in rains.

However, in the most recent turn of events that have gone viral on the internet, a man by the name Nitin Misra who ordered hot and crispy samosas put up a rather surprising tweet. The tweet had him asking tech to stay away from his halwai because of the samosas that he had ordered! And all because the samosas that were delivered to him had a few serial numbers engraved on them.

What came off as even more surprising was the fact that netizens further went on to say that a brand is now putting serial numbers on samosas to mark the different varieties of the fillings that it has to offer. The serial numbers help identify the type of filling that the samosa is filled with which becomes a tad bit difficult since once fried, all samosas look the same.

While netizens also went on to crack jokes and create memes, the tweet garnered a lot of attention and created quite a stir online.

What do you think of serial numbering samosas as identifiers now?

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