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Saloni Srivastav Teaches You how To Save Rs. 21 Everyday & Start Online Businesses

| Published on November 24, 2020

Saloni Srivastava is a popular content creator and YouTuber. She has established her own firm, HustlePost Academy, to educate individuals on how to start an online business and utilise social media platforms for its growth. She imparts her own experience and knowledge and shares some interesting tips, starting from saving up just Rs. 21 every day!

How did HustlePost Academy begin?

It was during this coronavirus pandemic in early March where 27-year-old Saloni decided to start her venture. At a time when a number of people lost their jobs, it was crucial to start something of your own in order to survive. From small businesses like essential services, food delivery, baking at home and more, individuals turned to things available at home to start earning from their close friends and family.

YouTube Saloni

Saloni took this opportunity to inspire people by creating 13 courses in 3 weeks, that would bring out important tips and tricks of helping people grow their business. As she managed her 3 year-long YouTube carrier, these 13 new courses gave her the idea of starting an online academy that would benefit aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. Replicating the course format of popular websites like Udemy, Coursera and edX, Saloni lays out one fundamental course which is followed by 13 mini-courses.

How has HustlePost Academy Grown In the Past Few Months?

By pricing her course at Rs. 7665, allowing users with one-year access to all the content available online, HustlePost Academy has seen various success stories. A freelance content writer is known to earn Rs. 1 lakh every day. Another chartered accountant just began his online journey in spirituality and healing. The youngest member of the academy is 13, and the oldest is 55 years of age! She has appealed to a highly craving community, as more and more people are trying to start something of their own after losing crucial jobs.

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