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Salaries Of Indian/Foreign Models In Auto Expo 2020 Revealed

| Published on February 15, 2020

Auto Expo 2020 has made us aware regarding many newly launched cars, scooters, bikes, and trucks but there is more to the event that is not only interesting but eye-opening, too. Every time you attend an expo, there are two main centers of attractions: Automobiles and the models promoting them!

Ever wondered about the salary of these models that stand there for almost all day promoting and answering the inquiries of the automobiles? Let’s get into highlights!
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Auto Expo 2020 – Salary Of Indian Models

The Auto Expo event is noticed with a load of Indian and foreign models who represent certain brands and products that are being offered there. But the salary difference per hour is huge when Indian and foreign models are differentiated.

Mostly, the Indian ones are paid Rs.3,000-12,000/- per day at such events but the price is mostly decided by the agencies involved in the functions and the clients.
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Auto Expo 2020 – Salary Of Foreign Models

Foreign models are always in high demand in India as they are the source of extraordinary attraction in the country. The pay they receive is also high when compared to Indian models.

Sources say that the foreign models are paid around Rs.25,000 per day at the event and if the model is experienced and well-known, the price reaches up to Rs.1,00,000 easily.
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Auto Expo 2020 – Accommodation For Models

The models do not just get paid in terms of money but they are also provided free food at the event. If a model is being called from a foreign country, she gets free travel, stay, and food.
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Auto Expo Model Opportunities

Mostly, the models are chosen on contract basis. They also offer opportunities to fresher ones. Many college students have also got the job done as a model at the event.
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