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Sahil Chauhan, Founder, ‘The Tender Tales’ Shares His Journey About Building A Page With 70k+ Followers

| Published on February 2, 2020

The Tender Tales made a small beginning as a place where the founder Sahil Chauhan started putting his thoughts to the world. Today, the page has become popular on social media with over 70k followers and 5000+ published pieces of content. To know how Sahil achieve this, we got in touch with him and he told us about the journey till date and his vision for future with this platform.

What led to the start

Talking about the reason that made him start, Sahil believes that in a world full of negativity, and stress, The Tender Tales became a spot where people could relax. Sharing one of his experiences, Sahil said “One day, I just received a message from a fan who wanted to share their own short story but didn’t want to do so on their own page. That’s when it hit me! There are so many budding writers who want to write but are intimidated by the task.”

The Tender Tales gives writers a platform and the confidence to share their stories. This is what Sahil believes the best one can do – to inspire others to create.

Venturing into other languages

Not only this, the page ventured into vernacular languages too. Today, both the vernacular pages are well known and verified with blue ticks on ‘Helo’ App.

Revealing the reason behind this, Sahil thinks that Indian culture is beautiful and languages shouldn’t stop writers from creating content.

The future

Looking at the way audience is behaving on social media, The Tender Tales is looking to focus on video content and for this, the team is looking to work with more to enthusiastic professionals and devote more time towards creating content.

In the long run, the aim to create a larger community of writers, where collaborations with different people from various fields come in and contribute; learning while they explore their passion.

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