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Sabhyata Trolls ‘W for Woman’ Over Customer Care Services

| Published on November 13, 2018

Brand wars are not a new thing in the marketing world. Brands have become very aggressive in marketing and they are employing new ideas to get the attention of customers. Gone are the days when brand wars were limited to banner or TV ads. With the transformation of change in interest area of audience, brands have become very active on social media and they keep an eye on every content their competitors post. A recent example of how brands take the benefit of social media can be studied with this brand war between Sabhyata and W for Woman.

Sabhyata and W for Woman have emerged to become India’s largest women wear fashion brands in a very short period of time with their quality products. Diwali was an important occasion for both these brands as the sales of fashion products increase immensely during festival season.

On 6th of November, W for Woman decided to keep its customer care department closed for the next two days (7th and 8th November). They also posted about this on their official social media accounts.

Everything was going normal till Sabhyata decided to take the benefit of this situation. Sabhyata wrote “Hello Dear Customers. This is to inform you all that our #CustomerCare services would be #Available & #Active during these 2 Diwali days. Please do not hesitate to call us as we are happy to serve you. “ on their Facebook account.

These clearly shows the intentions of Sabhyata to take on the customer care service of their rival. It was a smart move considering the fact that it was festival period and brands recieve so many queries during these days.

We believe this is the correct way of trolling competitors as they didn’t post anything against W for woman, but delivered the message they wanted to convey. Recently, Sabhyata had launched an amazing video ad for Diwali which won the hearts of everyone.

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