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Sabhyata’s Yet Another Diwali Masterpiece Celebrates Womanhood By Redefining Relationships

| Published on October 26, 2019

We all are aware of how relationships have been stereotyped nowadays, especially that of a mother & daughter-in-law. If you have watched any of our famous ‘saas-bahu’ soap operas, you would know what I’m talking about.

Either the ‘Saas’ is a villain where she tortures and traumatizes her ‘Bahu’ or the ‘Bahu’ is a vamp who has decided to make her mother-in-law’s life a living hell.

Yes, they are pathetically stereotyped. Even though they are said to be inspired by real-life instances, all they do is add on to the stigma.

But then comes in Sabhyata, one of India’s leading ethnic wear brand. To showcase the real essence of womanhood, Sabhyata has launched a very creative and thoughtful Diwali ad campaign yet again.

With its latest ad campaign named #CelebrateAChange, Sabhyata has beautifully redefined the relationship between a daughter-in-law & mother-in-law.

The ad begins with a usual drama in the household where both the ladies are fighting over who will make ‘sham ki chai’. The male actor, who is playing both the son & a husband, is stuck between the conflict between the two and is trying his best to pacify the situation.

When his mother complains of how the ‘bahu’ has stopped listening to her and refuses to serve her tea, she demands to talk to her parents. He goes to his wife and tries to convince her to make tea. But that is all in vain.

Both the ladies are now sitting on the sofa all ready to have an argument when the son/husband rushes to the kitchen saying he’ll make the tea.

The situation takes a lighter tone when both the ladies smile at each other and are grinning over how their plan has worked. It turns out they were acting all the while only to convince the ‘man of the house’ to make them tea. And now they want more. They want him to make ‘Halwa Poori’.

Sabhyata has always celebrated womanhood with their thoughtful ad campaigns. Last year, the brand launched its first Diwali campaign with a thought-provoking ad that urged viewers to educate our boys to behave rather make our girls live a confined life.

The brand has been breaking the stereotype and painting a picture of what can be rather than what has been. It is all about perspective and Sabhyata seems to have plenty of it.

This year is all the more special as Sabhyata is celebrating 100 stores with 110 stores currently established and running in the country.

We hope that more brands come forward and make the most of the power of social media that they posses and try and break the stereotypes like Sabhyata has been doing.

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