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#SaareMaelDhoDaalo: Ghadi Detergent Diwali Ad Encourages People To Respect Every Profession

| Published on November 3, 2018

The people working in the advertising industry are often criticized for just focusing on results and numbers they get out of a campaign. All they talk about is why their product is good and why customers should buy it. But, there are some brands that try to spread a strong social message with their ads. Such campaigns and brands must be given due credit for making ads that stay in our heads for the powerful message attached.

Ghadi Detergent is known for raising important social issues to the audience with its advertising campaigns. With its latest Diwali campaign based on #SaareMaelDhoDaalo, the brand wants Indians to be more socially conscious and aware of the way we treat different professions.

A video has been released for this campaign and it certainly has a powerful message for the audience. Conceptualized by ADK Fortune, the ad shows the situation of a normal Indian house where Diwali preparations are pending and the mother is feeling helpless as no one is ready to support her in the preparations. A young guy is also shown as someone who doesn’t respect the maid working in the house.

When the mother makes her son to clean the house for Diwali celebrations, he gets to know the hard work servants have to do for earning money. The main aim behind this campaign is to make people know the value of every profession. With the title #SaareMaelDhoDaalo Ghadi wants us to remove all the stains (mael) that are inside us. Discrimination or disrespect of anyone based on their profession is not something that our culture teaches us.

The idea behind this campaign suits the brand reputation of Ghadi completely and it is also a great way of restoring the dignity of work among the viewers. Here is the full video that that will make you respect the brand more:

In Association with ‘Ghadi Detergent’

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