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RVCJ Plex: For The Creators, By The OG Creators Of Social Media

| Published on March 3, 2022

Charlie Chaplin once said, “You’ll never find a rainbow, if you are looking down.” And this one quote has become the courage of many hearts, has become a will of performing and hardworking hearts to constantly look above even during cloudy days and find the rainbows. We at RVCJ, heard many such stories of perseverance and everyday battles just to fulfill their dreams, to make people hear their voices, just to get that ‘one chance’. So, here we are, bringing you RVCJ Plex, a new vertical by RVCJ Media Digital Pvt Ltd launched on 1st March 2022. With RVCJ Plex, the company is focusing on new niches by helping creators and brands grow in the fields of Talent Management, Content Development, Content Creation and the Original short-format along with long format content. The primary aim is to boost regional content and serve a wider demographic.

What’s an Artist management agency?

According to Aziz Khan, Co-founder and CRO of RVCJ Digital Media, an artist management agency is essentially an agency that assists creators in building their career through assistance provided in content development. However, a drawback that is observed in the industry is the fact that all major agencies in the segment are focusing solely on the branding of the creator as opposed to community building which keeps in mind the creator’s interest. Unlike most talent agencies RVCJ Plex focuses on the overall development of the creator. As a part of their service offerings, we offer collaborative reels, a chance to feature in their YouTube & Facebook sketches and assistance in producing content for their respective social media handles. RVCJ Plex is also curating different IPs for all of their exclusive content creators. So, as Aakash Nair and Mohammed Abdul Gafoor, the two leading the overall growth and strategy of RVCJ Plex says, RVCJ Plex is for the creators, by the OG creators themselves.

Today, the span of consuming content and the attention-holding span of a viewer is decreasing day by day. RVCJ Media understands this predicament and lays emphasis on promoting short video content. As a result, the agency is bound to experiment and explore this tangent across all platforms. The Covid-19 Pandemic has led to the proliferation of the digital era and the entire world is now connected through the internet. The entertainment industry also saw a shift in platforms and the movies which were earlier consumed in theaters are now being converted into web series online. But what’s next? Just like in the world of cricket after test matches, one-day matches started being played, and after one day, as soon as T20 was launched, the world witnessed a new chapter.

RVCJ Media brings to you the T20 of entertainment- the short format of entertainment. RVCJ Plex’s social media handles of Instagram, YouTube and Facebook will serve as exclusive platforms for short format as well as long format original content delivery where language won’t be a barrier. On asking about the motive of RVCJ Plex, our Founder Shahid Javed Ansari says the agency wishes to build a creator’s ecosystem where all the creators can come under one roof and collaborate with each other to further grow their niche.

RVCJ Media has already onboarded creators who have been actively working with well-known and renowned brands & celebrities across Bollywood, TV, Digital space & more creators would be joining us in the upcoming months. The agency works closely with all social media platforms and thus, boasts itself to be one that is constantly updated when it comes to any community building features on the applications-hashtags, ORM, trending reels and the like.

The agency is keen to work with budding creators and is certain of being able to provide them with all resources that will only let a flurry of opportunities come across their way. So, dear content creators, together, let’s find the rainbow!

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